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BC Vaporizers

The BC Vaporizer Deluxe gentily heats without combustion. You end up inhaling WAY LESS carbon monoxide, tar, and a lot of other bad chemistry. > Pipes >
> PowerPipes > BCVap


Palmscales - Great scale quality, comes in a wide range of colors and designs - our most popular scale by far!. > Scales >

Check This Out:

Grinders - Grind your tobacco or herb with one of these hand grinders > Accessories
> Grinders

Nose Rings:

Nose Rings - Nose bones, nose screws, and nose rings. Keep your nose happy with some BLING! > Body Jewelry
> Nose Rings

Stay Clean :

Liquid Pipe Cleaners - Keep that 'New Pipe Look' with one of our liquid pipe cleaners. > Accessories > Cleaners

Put Your Butt Here:

Ashtrays - Butt your home roll out in style with a sweet ashtray. > Accessories
> Ashtrays

Bent Bar Bells:

Bent Bar Bells - Many bent-bar-bell designs to view - from elegant to wild, we got your style. > Body Jewelry
> Bent Bar Bells

Welcome to the
Shipping Terms
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Phone us between 10AM PST and 9PM PST at


     We use , and as our online merchant account processor for credit cards and echecks. We use a terminal for Phone orders. US customers who want to use a debit card or gift card must phone in the order as non of the online processors accept them. We also take payment ourselves in forms of cash, money order and personal checks, just email us at

for more information

All Prices are quoted in US dollars!

Any/All Applicable Taxes Are Included In The Price - All sales Final


Due to the massively large selection of items available at, we cannot guarantee that all items will be in stock at all times as we do not keep stock of everything. We deal with many suppliers who hold the stock in their warehouses. We get new shipment every week from one supplier or another, so items which are not in stock are typically available within 2 to 5 weeks. If it looks like there will be a wait longer than 3 weeks, we may notify you of your order's status or you can inquire to ask when we will receive your order fromt he supplier. We do keep most rolling papers in stock and have some other products but we do not keep most of what you see on the website here as of yet. Sometimes an order order can be out of stock after all it is the glass industry and man made so when this occurs, you may have to wait a month or more till it arrives in stock. Our suppliers are the ones with the large warehouses and we have to wait till they acquire more of that item before we can get it and sometimes this has taken up to 6 months. If that is the case we will let you know the item is not due in for a while and you can select another item if you wish to substitute, however, we never know what is out of stock till after we order the products. Rest assured though most items are available at our supplier and only a few orders may find they have to wait longer for their order.
    When you order multiple items in a single order, we will, when possible, send out an order in multiple packages because we get the products different times; sending the in stock items right away and the rest of the items as they come in stock.

Due to their very nature, some items may not be identical to how they appear in the pictures on this site. Color availability will vary on plastic and glass models - please send a note (within the transaction, or in email) if you have a color preference for any item you order. We will strive to find that color, but we cannot make any guarantees to it's availability. Since we are a small company of 2 men and spend alot of time packing orders each week, we do promise we will get to your order even if it longer than the time frame. We also want you to make sure this is what you want to order and that you can wait the time for deliver which is 3-6 weeks. So we would like you to: Please select your items carefully, as

All Sales Are Final

(Credit Processors also rate a company on refunds and the more refunds after an order is processed could result in more fees being levelled as we already lose 8% on refunds as it is. We only refund for emergency cases only. We ask you to wait for your order as it will come so make sure you want what you order as all sales are final.)

Your Privacy:
At we respect your privacy. We currently collect your name and address that you list on transaction form (or what you send us in your money order). We do not sell, distribute or give this information to anyone for any reason. The mechant processors collect your credit card information and usually delete it from their files after processing. We here at never see your CC information unless you phone in your order. We do not sell your information to anyone and keep it on our secure database for re-ordering. After 6 months you may have your online account deleted if you wish just email us for that.

Building Trust in Transactions (tm)
We currently use Canadian Post Air Postal Service or Expediated Postal Service to ship to the US while larger World Wide orders will ship via Canada Post to your local Postal Service. In the USA your delivery will arrive via your United States Postal Service, Monday to Friday (some areas may also receive regular deliveries on Saturday). This is a drop off service that may be delivered anytime during the day. In other words, if you are not home they may leave it on your doorstep or local post office. If you want trackable service package when it arrives you will have to email us for pricing but most orders over 1000 grams go Expediate Ground Trackable. Glass is not insurable, but is double packed to prevent breakage. If you live outside of Canada, your order will go through customs which can delay the arrival of the order but you will still get the order. In Canada shipping is private and discrete with a label R.I.P.P as the shipper. All other countries we put contents listed on the outside of the package on a small white form but we keep it simple such as: pipe x 2 and then the value.
Shipping can take on average 3-5 weeks as we ship World Wide please be aware that orders can take a while to get to you even in the USA as it has to go along way. Overseas orders will go airmail under 1000 grams in weight and by Boat if it is over, if you order from overseas and want faster service Airport to Airport is the way to go. Just email us your local Airport and we will ship it their, and let you know when it ships, if not then the order will go by Boat and take upto or over a month to arrive.

Shipping costs are dependent on a specific item's dimensions and weight.

If you live outside of Canada, your order will most likely pass through your country's customs agency. All items for sale on are legal for sale in Canada and are exported for legal use only. Pipes are intended for tobacco use only and shipped as such and if you do find your order delayed by customs it maybe only for a week and then it should arrive to you soon after. We can not accept any responsibility for a package that is refused by a buyer's customs agency but if so then just email us and let us know and we can try again.  The good news is we have shipped orders to USA, and hundreds to other countries around the world without problems. In other words, customs will allow your order to come through but sometimes it can be delayed as they inspect the package. If it is stopped by customs in your area it is beyond our control so please do not blame us but since everything is for legal purposes only this delay should rarely would occur if at all. So order away because everyone does get their order.

All Items shipped for legal purposes only!

**International Orders (Outside North America)- You must email us with your shipping address and the item(s) you would like to purchase from us, in order for us to calculate the exact cost of delivery. Please note you could be charged a small duties fee on your package if you are outside of Canada. People with addresses in Canada can order any product and it will be mailed with no label of contents but we ask you make sure you are of 18 years of age older and we may request additional proof if we feel you are not of age. (simple email us a picture of your drivers license and we will send package).

Click Here To Add Extra Shipping Costs

We ship everywhere!

We Do not Rush Orders, please do not call us for Rush orders, if you order today we most likely won't get the order in the mail till at least one week later if we have it in stock. If we do not have it in stock we still have to get it from our supplier before we can pack it and this can take a few weeks. So make sure when you order that it is not a Rush order.

Refund Policy
If you receive merchandise that is somehow defective/broken or not as you order then repack said package and either state:'refused' or resend it back to us. Once we receive returned, non-used item(s) we will be glad to replace the product to what you so desired. Please email us if you have a problem with an order and we will be glad help. We will work to fix any problem you have with your order by just emailing us as soon as you can. Then we can get you a new item to ensure you are satified with what you have purchased from our website. Remember, we do not accept non-defective, or used returned pipes products.

Orders are usually processed between 7-12 days after they have been placed. Packing takes us a week due all orders being packed up before we drop it off at the post office. Shipping usually takes between 5-15 business days for delivery via Expediate Ground and faster if Airmail (after the order has been shipped) but we cannot be held responsible for any delays that may occur after we have shipped the package(s), as it is then literally out of our hands. That is why we say shipping time can between 2-6 weeks as the distance it must travel can take awhile. However, due to us always being behind in orders sometime orders can take longer than that. We pick up orders from our suppliers on a weekly basis and ship all products out after we pack them. This cycle continues weekly so eventually we do get to your order and do send it out, it can take longer if it is out of stock as we normally go to one supplier every month so the next pick up of the order will be 4 weeks later.

If you find your order is taking longer than 3 weeks you can check out our order status page and find out where your order is at in our pick up, packing or delivery stage by submitting and we will try to get back to you if we have time. Once we pack it we send it Expediated 5-15 day delivery or if under 1000grams in weight it will go regular Airmail, 5-15 business day delivery. Usually one will receive their order within 2-6 weeks of ordering and if it will take longer we may email you or you can email me after 3 weeks to ask. We maybe busy as we can not respond to all emails due to us packing orders etc, if you get no response just email me a double email for extra notice. We do not offer next day delivery as to prevent fraud and allow the order to be checked on by the merchant processors

Thank You for shopping with If you have any questions or comments, please email us at:

All Sales Are Final


The Axe Scale:

Axe Scales - One of newest additions to our scale collection - Huge weigh tray surface for easy weighing action! > Scales >
The Axe Scales


Tapers - Tapered horns and claws, perfect for that piereced part. > Body Jewelry
> Tapers

Safe & Stylish:

Can Safes - Keep your valuables safe and hidden. > Accessories
> Can Safes

Flavoured Papers

Flavoured Rolling Papers - Spice up your home rolls with a little extra flavouring. > Papers > Flavoured Papers

Phoenix Talking Digital Foot Scale:

Phoenix Talking Digital Foot Scale - High tech talking foot scale! What else do I have to say? > Scales >
Foot Scales > Phoenix Talking Digital Foot Scale

Keep it Fresh:

Tobacco Containers - Keep your tobacco or herb fresh in a varity of containers. > Accessories
> Containers

New School Scale:

TouchScale - High-tech touch screen action. The latest in digital hand scale technology. > Scales >


You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase from this site
Body Jewelry - Pipes - Papers - Accessories - Scales - Cool Stuff - Logo Designs
Help - FAQ - Wholesale - Links - Order Status

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